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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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one of them killed. what police are saying about the possible motivation behind this shooting at an event that is supposed to keep them safe. plus bomb scare on broad street, suspicious materials and camera equipment, found on the roof of a famous center city hotel. who police have in custody this morning. >> black lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, this is about peace. >> tensions remain high on the streets, for anti police brutality protests here in philadelphia. plus the threats right now against the police department. let the savings begin, or calling this black tuesday, as amazon prime day inspired retailers across the country to offer special deals, we have them, yes, we are tracking the hottest sales as they pop up, throughout the show. what we have to do is go
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over to the round house because commissioner ross is speaking. let's get out to him. >> they were am burned... >> i don't know if the word was ambushed. whoever decided to exact what they believe was revenge. i don't even know if these are the right three kids. i'm not compactly sure. i don't want to say that. preliminary up investigation there was a fight about a week ago and this is just idiot i can behavior that resulted in someone's death. that is so tragic. >> commissioner, we are live here if you can tell us on fox 29 about this situation, that has taken place over at the bellevue and just where it stand right now, with this couple apparently, bizarre behavior. >> it is bizarre. so, we got a 911 call from a couple people in another building, and they did what we asked them to do. they called, suspicious
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behavior. when police arrived they found these two people on the roof with an assortment of things, camera, some devices, so right now we don't know what to make of it. preliminarily it looks like this individual may be in some type of blog where he gets special effects. either way they they were trespassing and we will see what the d.a. has to say about it. >> in terms of the people reporting anything suspicious. >> no way we have seen. that they call. i'm thankful for doing that. >> thanks so much for your time. >> mike and alex, back to you. >> okay, dave. why don't we get back to the story commissioner ross was talking about, this bomb squad, and they were there throughout the night, too. >> they only left a couple hours ago. of course, people are concerned because with the dnc coming in a couple weeks. >> yes. >> broad street will be a major focal point, it is near city hall.
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>> it seems like they were up to no good but commissioner ross says maybe these two chinese nationals were doing some kind of a film project, so what do you think, steve, over there on broad street. >> reporter: i think philadelphia police are showing great restraint, like i said, they are from china, if two americans were found on top of the building in china with smoke bombs, questionable chemicals that could be cause particular or explosive and being on a rooftop where you are not supposed to be on the roof even if you are a guest in the presidential suite here, they would be locked up for about 15 years, when the family of back home would finally be able to see them and then maybe talk to a lawyer and lucky to ever see light of day again in communist china so, the philadelphia police being very nice. they treated these people with dignity. they did put them in handcuffs. lets go to video if we have them ready. they cuffed these guys. guy and girl. probably in their 20's. took them in for interviews.
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they never charged them with the crime. they called them non-custodial interviews. district attorney seth williams staff will deciding whether they charge them with something as simple as trespassing. you can bet the hotel people would like to see that. they don't want people walking around in this hotel that they shouldn't be and just less than two weeks before hillary clinton will be staying here with of our pour full democrat in the nation here, right down broad street from where they will have their convention. another thing that causes major alarm in this day, environment that we're living in, on the rooftop of the prominent hotel. they never evacuated the hyat the the bellevue and that was another piece of restraint because they didn't know what they had. if you see in the video fire department out here with their biggest trucks, bomb squad out here, people on broad street were wondering what the heck is going on. i'm sure people in the hotel were wondering should i stay or go. they sheltered in place and waited for the police to quickly realize that there was
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nothing major serious going on but the question is, what was going on. if you run a blog and think you are fun throwing smoke bombs off a roof maybe there is a crime here, alex and mike. >> doing jail time. >> thanks. lets get back to the story, dave kinchen was talking about with commissioner ross where three teenage boys were shot in southwest philadelphia last night. one was shot in the face and later died. it happen just after ten owe p.m. along baltimore avenue. police believe they were targeted while leaving a basketball court following a community league game. a 15 year-old died while a 14 and 16 year-old are in stable condition this morning. investigators say there was an altercation after a game last week involving some of the boys and they believe at this point the shooting could be connected. >> i mean there is a good cast bet ball program. this looks like kids that have carried something from a neighborhood here, and they had an opportunity to go after these young man leaving the court and took an opportunity to shoot them which was unacceptable. >> police are asking for public's help in identifying
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the suspect. they say a lot of people were out at the time that the shooting happened. so far no arrests have have been made though. okay. now to reports of a threat made against the philadelphia police department. the threat made mostly on social media targets three specific police districts. right now police do not believe that the threats are credible but you they are taking it seriously. and after protesters hit the streets for sixth straight night, police say for the most part protests have been peaceful. demonstrations have been going on across the country. groups are gathering against recent police killings of african-american men. while things have been mostly peaceful some protesters are getting verbally aggressive with police. >> even some of the groups, who they credit who really don't have any love for us, have not been violent, you know, i mean peaceful is a matter of opinion when you are that close to somebody face calling them everything. >> we're not here, blowing anything up. none of us have guns.
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we're angry. we're saying peace, angry. i was angry up there. peace. >> groups are organizing these marches say they will not only continue their regular marches but they will gear up for more massive scale protest toss join others happening in two weeks with the democratic national convention coming to town. in southern delaware a federal investigation is underway, after a fire fighter, volunteer, falls to his death from a helicopter. officials say that he was taking part in a training exercise at the delaware coastal airport last night. forty-six year-old volunteer fire fighter with the lewis fire department, his name has not been released, whether he we get it, i will pass it along. crews are investigating what caused a fire at short hills restaurant on evesham road in cherry hill. blaze started around 3:00 this morning, under control in about 30 minutes, nobody was hurt. a lot of people know that place. 7:07. bill cosby makes sweeping changes to his legal team after losing his bid to get sexual assault charges
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dropped. the comedian is switching lawyers to oversee civil lawsuit around the country, that involve accusations that he drug and molested women. he has hired same firm that represented singer blake shelf even in a defamation case. the firm has taken a lead on the civil litigation, and spokesmen says that the quinn emmanuel may stay involve with the case with accuser andrea conn stan. $25,000 reward is being offered for information in the murder of a democratic national committee worker, who was on his way to philadelphia in about two weeks and now he is dead. twenty-seven year-old seth rich was walking just blocks from his house, in northwest washington d.c., when he was shot multiple times. this was sunday morning. police say he may have been a victim of an attempted robbery. that is what they think. two bailiffs are dead after an inmate grabs a gun and begins firing in michigan. >> shots fired, one down. >> officer down, officer down. >> officer shot and killed the
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suspect identified as 45 year-old larry darnell gordon. they believe he was trying to escape from the berrien county courthouse. when it all happened bailiffs were removing the man from a cell to a courtroom appearance. he is identified as joseph vangaro and ronald candle. civilian and sheriff's deputy were also shot but expected to survive. >> unreal. state of the pennsylvania is now operating under a new $31 billion spending bill. we have a budget. it became law at midnight without the governor's signature. but the big problem is this... state lawmakers have not figured out how to pay for it. they are discussing a $1 a pack cigarette tax increase, and a expansion of the casino style gambling in pennsylvania. right now the state's project revenue is hundreds of millions of dollars short. regional rail commuters are continuing to test the new interim schedule.
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trains are running at new times and intervals this comes more than a week after septa took a third of the regional rail fleet off the track because of structural issues. septa is adding new trains reeseed from other agencies helping to help the situation. total of 18 railcars are added and equipment is leased from amtrak, new jersey transit and maryland. >> um-hmm. >> to help with the scheduling changes we have posted the full septa regional rail schedule on our web site at fox >> you know, president of the united states is heading to dallas to speak at a memorial service for five fallen police officers who were killed last week. >> he played this role before but never with so much national unease and racial tension. >> doug luzader is in d.c., has he taken off already, do you know. >> reporter: mike and alex, not yet i don't believe. this will take place this afternoon there in dallas. and the president has certainly sympathized with protest groups like black lives matter in the past. on the other hand he has certainly spoken out in favor
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and support of the police officers and it is a fin line that he will to have walk with so much at stake. a somber vigil last night in dallas, police officers and those who support them coming together to remember the five officers who were gunned down last week by a man who was intent on killing white people. >> they were loved, respected by so much, because of not just because what they did but because who they were. >> reporter: there has been a steady drum beat of anti police protest under banner of black lives matter. all connected to the recent shooting deaths at blacks at the hand of the police officers. president obama will step in that great divide and try to once again strike a balance. >> it has been a tough week for our country and the president recognizes that it is not just people in dallas who are grieving but people all across the country who are concerned. >> reporter: but it goes well beyond the past week or so. gallup poll taken earlier this spring shows that concern
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about race relations has skyrocketed over the past two years from 17 to 35 percent. the president is facing pressure from the left to denounce what some see as racial profiling and from law enforcement officers who often see the president as not being supportive enough of their work and risks. dallas police chief meantime say community members need to step up. >> don't be part of the problem, we're hiring. we're hiring. get out of that protest line and put an application in. >> reporter: as far as the memorial services, alex is concerned, also attending will be vice-president joe biden and former president george w. bush, who obviously has pretty deep ties to texas. mike and alex. >> for sure, yeah. all right doug, we will see you tomorrow. 7:12. a big endorsement is expected for hillary clinton today and it comes from her former rival bernie sanders. the two are coming together at a rally in new hampshire this
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afternoon. it is believed he will use the occasion to formally endorse her for president. bernie sanders has not confirmed the endorsement just yet but does say that two campaigns have been talking, almost every day. a sign inside of the taco bell restaurant in northeast philadelphia is turning some heads. >> it started with a trip to the bathroom, lauren. >> yes. >> taco bell. >> a viewer sent thus snap chat pictures snapped inside a northeast philadelphia taco bell, when he went the two rest room he noticed something was different. sign for women that you see there but there wasn't one for men. instead there was that sign that read gender neutral so people we spoke with are completely confused. >> okay, so both men, they don't have a regular mens bathroom, that is where men will go? okay. >> how do you feel about it is the question.
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>> unaudible. >> it turns out roosevelt boulevard restaurant following a new city ordinance that requires single person rest rooms to be listed as gender neutral. we found out several other nearby restaurants not in compliance. ordinance was passed last year to reduce discrimination and transgendered community. >> okay. >> what do you think? get on twitter, facebook. >> i have been at somewhere they have gender neutral bathrooms, but i have been in places where i have to go really bad and women's bathroom is full so you just go to the men's room. >> it is all plumbing. >> yes, no big deal. >> i don't get it. >> relax. >> when you got to go, you got to go. today is amazon prime day and every ten minutes or so on amazon prime, a deal pops up that you should probably grab it. >> it can be hard to keep track of what is what. we are bringing in dan our financial expert. >> got your smart phone charged, alex and mike, ready to role. >> here we go.
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>> a manufacturer holiday, amazon last year invented amazon prime day. summer season is slow. last year they were saying deals weren't so great this year there is good deals out there. we will brief you all morning on what the best ones are. >> one off the top of your head. >> if you can fit anymore tves in your condo, a 55-inch samsung curved h.d.t.v. >> i need it you can have it for $649.49, that is on amazon come. we will check with wal-mart because that is another big one. >> i have been begging for a curved tv. >> do you have anymore space on your walls. >> that is good, 55 inches. >> pretty good. >> he will find a way to make room. >> you are talking about that curved tv. >> yes. >> for two or three years, please get a curved tv. >> all right. >> high pressure in control, still not too humid because high pressure is still on shore, once it moves off shore
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it combines with further off shore high pressure which is a bermuda high which is a familiar summer time pattern of heat and humidity and we will get both over the next couple of days. today is still okay, we have not seen these weather systems. but oppressive heat and what especially on, thursday. and delaware, close to 07 degrees, in cape may, right now, brigantine, and medford lakes, and 65 in pottstown. allentown, and 66, and reading 65 as we get started this morning. future cast, shows us the chance, maybe a couple of pop ups tomorrow but there is a greater chance in the afternoon, after we build up heat and humidity on thursday. in the evening as well, so pop up thunderstorms could happen. so, we have got that in the
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forecast for thursday. ninety-five friday, and saturday, and we will even stay in the 90's sunday and monday of next week. and most comfortable days, 80 degrees on the beach both days and then heating up even at jersey shore by middle and end of the week. bob kelly will get so hot. >> so hot, i already purchased a -- what did i get there earlier. >> a hammock earlier today. >> yes. >> one of the first deals that popped up. >> set it right here in the studio. >> take a nap. >> 7:17. good morning. southbound on the northeast extension an accident right here near mid county involving a tractor trailer, on southbound side and then north bound 295, jammo for freeway all the way up to wood crest station in the construction zone, a crash causing a delay and coming back from the shore we will go for a ride on the atlantic city expressway
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westbound watch for an accident right here near exit number four right after black horse pike split. this overturned dump truck still out here on conshohocken road at old elm road, sun glare on the schuylkill expressway. another day, same delay for septa guys and girls. glenside to center city stations is where it is tightes and that is where we have seen the most pack trains start to bypass around this hour, between seven and 7:30. again, looking for an option market frankford, or broad street subway. may not be for everybody but the trains are running every eight to ten minutes. we have had zero problems. the plenty of parking at up are end of the frankford transportation center and in south philadelphia at navy hospital. mike and alex, back to you. >> explain something for me here, i don't do this netflix stuff much. >> you don't. >> no. >> i just do the chill. i am not watching anything on tv. >> so, there is a pass word for netflix. >> that is how you pay for it
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and get access to it. thing is, if you have, pay for netflix, get a pass, enter on your computer or tv. others are like if you give me your pass word i can do it. >> it is against the law. >> apparently. >> and now it is a violation of federal law. >> isn't that weird, federal court yesterday ruled, they made it illegal to share your pass words to subscription based services like netflix and hulu, who knew. ruling makes certain instances of sharing pass words, punishable by prison time. how will that work? is somebody going to come into my apartment seriously and arrest me. >> remember when lime wire and everything was big, people doing that filing sharing. they took a couple people and made examples out of them. >> it stems from a case involving a man who used a co-worker's pass word to gain access to his former employer's web site. >> that is more intense. >> that is more intense.
7:20 am
>> people just watching orange is the new black. >> is what your pass word. >> well... >> it may or may not be. >> i know someone who does it. not me, no. >> are expecting mothers wasting their mother, the one thing pregnant woman are taking that researchers say might not actually do anything for you at all, i'm talking vitamin. it is amazon prime day which means there are teams all over the place, we will check with our financial expert, dan to tell us what deals we should be grabbing right now. >> dan, do you have another dealy got one, bob kelly wants a drone so he can watch traffic from above the city. >> okay. >> thinks on amazon prime as well. we will check wal-mart as well. amazon prime, bob kelly, you can get a drone for as little as 25 bucks. >> how do you like that one. >> get all of the traffic from above. that is on amazon prime. you have to be a prime member. we will tell what you that is all about. >> don't drone on.
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i'm digging this amazon prime day i'm telling you. all these, every ten minutes another deal pops up. >> this is a new thing, second one that we have had, and, and and, limited time, half a day or something. so, in an effort to keep up with these things, other stores like wal-mart, target, best buy, they are having big sales right now too. how do you keep up with all of it. >> we just saw for 600 bucks a 55-inch curved samsung tv, and we also just found a $25 drone, dan. >> what else do you got. >> how about this one for your kid out there, legos are big again, right, guys. >> how about classic lego brick box $28.97. that is a good deal. >> legos are really popular again with little kid. >> okay. >> sound good. >> keep them coming, dan all morning long. >> 7:24. we have had some wave run are accidents recently.
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>> yes, deadly ones actually. >> so we will try to give you wave run are safety as we can enis coming up. it will be in the 90's again, feeling like over a hundred degrees to keep you safe. power surge in san diego, baseball's best hitters take part in the home run derby last night. it is more fun then the actual game tonight on fox. of course, we will be watching here on fox 29. >> previously held by a former philly, who now is the home run king.
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friendly game of basket the ball at a community center, begins with one teen dead and two others in the hospital seriously hurt. plus a bomb scare on broad street detectives are investigating, suspicious materials found at a famous center city help tell, what the threat could mean for our cities safety. good morning again at 7:29. look who it is, it is sue. >> look who it is, bus stop buddy, camping today because today is the day bob goes to
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camp kelly which is a real camp with the different name, anyway temperatures in the 50's and 60's, full battle of sun screen for today with the few clouds on radar you will need that sun screen, for right now in philadelphia at the airport it is 69 degrees. relative humidity at 90 percent. we think that will go down throughout the day, we will give you a nine out of ten today, a smidge more humid then it was yesterday but not too humid, we're saving that for tomorrow. 88 degrees is our high today, tomorrow, tonight i should say we will be down to 70. slightly more muggy night and that heat, humidity will keep going up, up, up and we will tell you how hot in the seven day forecast, coming up. >> 7:29, 7:30 on this tuesday morning, we have got an accident on i-95, we will go for a ride, southbound side of i-95, stacked and pack here from approaching ridley down to 320.
7:30 am
between blue route and commodore barry bridge. it is in the stretch through overpasses in chester county, chester delaware county. northeast extension, southbound an accident, approaching the mid county interchange, and also watch for delays, here, in bellmawr, both 42 and 55, blocked up where they come together and that is all because of the accident northbound on 295 heading in the wood crest station. coming back from the shore the atlantic city expressway, westbound, watch for an accident, just past the black horse pike there at exit number 14. conshohocken road at old elm road delays because of the dump truck accident. same scenario again on the regional rail lines, again, the stops between glenside and center city seem to have the most pack trains, they are bypassing the station. if you can get on a train closest to the beginning of the line it will increase your chances of getting on that
7:31 am
train but again my best picks for the day would be market frankford or are the broad street subways. they are running trains every eight to ten minutes and so far we have had in problems or delay at all on both of those lines. mike and alex, back over to you. 7:31 now. phrase black lives matter and corresponding #have been popping up after george zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin. >> that is when it started. it gain steam months later after grand jury decided not to charge an officer in the shooting death of michael brown. >> now we are seeing increasing popularity of the #blue lives matter and all lives matter. while they may be well intentioned to she solidarity, it may be a case of accidental ignorance. >> joining us to talk about this is doctor charles gallagher, chair of the sociology and criminal just advertise department at lasalle university. >> and race relations expert at penn chad. >> welcome both. >> good morning. >> even though we know this started in 2013, can you
7:32 am
refresh us on black lives matter and what it means, chad, the movement. >> the movement black lives matter started because of trayvon martin. what it is, it is rallying cry, political way to speak about the scars and suffering that people viewed as it relates to justice. it is sim hard to during the time of slavery where slaves will actually jump the broom to defined themselves because they weren't able to get married. similar in the 60's i'm black and proud and say it out loud. it is a way of individual to say black lives matter in a society perceived as racist and just advertise is only on one side. >> so why is it a slap in the face of the movement to call it just to say all lives matter. >> because i think that what it is doing, it is a distraction. >> it diffusees it. >> it jumps to something that basically is really not relevant. the movement came out of the fact that i can speak of statistics, if you are black in the united states you are two and a half times more
7:33 am
likely to be killed by a police officer. if you are young and black mail, 136 blacks were killed last year by police officers. it isn't the same case in the white communities this isn't about blue lives or white lives mattering now but all lives matter. this is raise awareness. this is what social movements are about. how do you bring an issue to the public. that is what this is about. >> it is not a racist organization, foolishness from rush limbaugh and rudy guiliani, they need to stop that. >> we have a clip of that. lets see what former guiliani had to say. >> and when you say black lives matter, that is inherently racist. >> well, i think -- >> black lives matter, white lives matter, asian lives matter, hispanic lives matter. it is ain't american and it is racist. >> in our society we know african americans were perceived as 315 human beings. it is oppressed people not by
7:34 am
victim says but identifying themselves to say black lives matter to say that all lives matter to me it is not just ignorant but disingenuous liking to go an aid benefit and saying cancer matters also. you wouldn't do that. >> it is considered the source. his record on race relations is horrific. he orchestrated stop and frisk in new york city. he has no credibility at all. forget morality. >> well, is there a thing going around social media trying to get people understand why people say black lives matter. they say you did something, you broke your arm. what do you you go to the doctor. doctor i broke my army need help right now. doctor turns to you and said well, all of your bones matter. no, this one is hurting right now, let's fix my arm first. do you see it. >> you went to the funeral and someone lost your life you wouldn't say my son lost his life as well. you would go to the funeral. you are in solidarity. that is what we don't talk b
7:35 am
just like us being here this morning. with the black lives matter movement you see humanity on every side of the color line saying black lives matter. >> is what so different now had there not been advent of everybody having a phone to carry, we wouldn't be having these conversations. >> you are darn right. >> game changer. the fact that someone is videotaping a police officer shooting someone. >> back in the the 50's and 60's, african americans have been saying these things. >> that is right. >> but now, us whites believe it because it is on video tape. >> it has changed everything. >> we know blue lives is in the a life. >> yes. >> that is an occupation. >> it is a uniform. >> and the reality is with blackness it is non-negotiable in the democracy. you are black. with blue lives, we recognize we don't want cops killed in our city. >> in. >> but we know their intention and what we have to do is have anti racism training in our departments where people don't
7:36 am
view blacks as sub human. >> we know over the past few weeks we have said trayvon martin happen these conversations have been happened. it is back on the surface. people are talking bit. people are sharing their thoughts, comment on line. is there a meme going around showing a police officer and we will pull it up that someone was sharing this on line and it says, basically, this is why we should -- some people are saying well, if you weren't doing anything wrong, if you weren't doing anything criminally wrong they wouldn't be doing this. this wouldn't be an issue. this is why we shoot you you guys. is what your response to this. hey there is crime that is happening, they have to do something bit. >> it is completely unprofessional for a police officer to post that. it is hard enough job as it is. i train folks in law enforcement. it is a rough job. chad and i were talking if you went in my neighborhood and started pathing down kid would you find a ton of drugs. we police differently. if you policed out in the suburbs you would have lots of white kids in jail. how we police is, driving part
7:37 am
of the conversation, where we police and when we police. >> dees lacing techniques. >> you candy escalate a situation. who is more likely to have, the privilege of being de-escalated. these are things when black lives matter movement is doggies raising these questions, in the public. >> good, thank you both. >> thanks for your help. we have a tragedy on the water, deadly jet ski accident over fourth of july weekend has us wondering what is proper way to ride these wave runners. so many people jump on them without any training. >> so jen fred will go out and show us how you can have summer fun but also be safe. plus we have a power surge last night in san diego. i love this, home run derby, so who took the prize? it was a record previously held by a philly. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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7:41 am
man. he hit a record 61 home runs in the competition, previous record was held by bobby abreau of the phillies who hit 41, back in 2012. he blew them away by 20. jean carlo knock off toms river new jersey native todd frazier from the white socks in the finals. sixty-one home runs. >> yes. >> odubel herrera, is the only phillies player to make roster for tonight's game. he will be a reserve. former philly current rangers pitcher cole hamels is scheduled to pitch third inning for american league. see if that works out. catch the game right here on fox at 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> why do you say it like that. >> on fox. >> and then hang around and watch 10:00 o'clock news which will be after 10:00 o'clock undoubt thely because game starts at 8:00. >> well, it is fine. >> we will be on eventually. >> lets talk about these amazon deals and these other stores trying to compete.
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>> yes. >> they want to keep up. >> i have my phone out. i'm trying to find next deal. you have one for me. >> i got the one for you, you need new headphones. the here's the deal other retailers are trying to get in on amazon's act. they are all throwing special. check out best buy, you can get beats doctor dre headphones for 49.99, $50 less than normal. best buy, you don't have to be a member of their clubs like you do with amazon or wal-mart, you just buy them. >> good deal. >> dan, i understand, i was atlanta three or four months ago and i needed new ear buds for my flight. >> yesy go, give me the best headphones you got. little buds. the best. >> yes. >> i went up to the counter, went to the counter,. >> yes. >> how much do you think these another buds were. >> like $200.
7:43 am
>> $950. >> for ear budd. >> yes, yes. >> that is just wrong. >> normally would i just shame myself in to buy it. i said you got to be kidding me. i said seriously how much is it. $90. no, $950. >> did you get them. >> no. >> just making sure. >> my lord. >> no. >> you got buds in atlanta. >> i'm not saying that. >> it is a bad thing. >> i apologize. >> i apologize too, america. lets learn how to, do you this. let's learn how to ride these wave runners so we don't have anymore accidents. jen, can you help us. i beg of you. >> there are three or four things you should not do and things that are's doing that is causing serious and deadly accident. we will talk bit here at the hash of after the break. we will give you common sense stuff not too do.
7:44 am
7:45 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate.
7:46 am
good morning everybody. live look at the blue route, double accident. i got over that board right over the game. >> we should demonstrate that. >> we will do that, during the break. >> you have to see him move. >> i jumped over the board like i'm coming in the hockey game. then i have to watch for sue's
7:47 am
pocketbook on the floor there. god forbid i'll trip over that, you never know what will fall out. live look at the blue route, double accidents here northbound at 476, southbound, down near route 320. so delco delays, again in the area of, 476 and 320, we have you coming and going. police are responding to both side there. there is also an accident southbound on the extension right here near mid county, we have had delays in new jersey for most of the morning, 42, 55, all backup coming toward the city and a accident north on 295 kind of add to go that right here near wood crest station. if you are watching us down the shore and coming in the city this morning, westbound on the atlantic city expressway an accident, just past the black horse pike, at exit number 14, conshohocken road at old elm road watch for delays from an early morning dump truck accident. sun glare every where especially coming around your curve, again we have seen about three to four trains on
7:48 am
espresso mode coming from glenside into downtown, to west trenton, warminster, paoli lines, best bet broad street subway or market frankford line. how long will that sun hang around? sue has the answer coming up in 152nd it is a beach day you should enjoy very much. probably, a few cloud then what we saw yesterday and a high on the beach of around 80 . we will be in the mid to upper 80's here inland. 75-degree surf temperature low risk of rip currents and nine for your uv index which is pretty high. don't forget that sun screen. 69 degrees in philadelphia we are up to 71 in wilmington and atlantic city international.
7:49 am
still a pretty comfortable 59 degrees, dew points are extremely high just yet but they will be a little higher then yesterday. so 88 degrees will still feel nice today, but by tomorrow that same 88 degrees, will ab lot more uncomfortable because of the humidity. then we will get in the 90's on thursday with chance of pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon still hot on friday and saturday, so either friday or saturday is when we will get that heat wave, the third one of 2016, and then this time, unlike last weekend we're going to stay in the 90's mike and alex into sunday and even monday. >> and into monday. >> yeah. >> all right. >> it will be a hot one. >> lets get back to this breaking news out of southern italy, 12 people are dead, many were injured when two trains collided head on. >> this is a live look there at the scene, this happened in the southern region where we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. you can see still a very active scene. they have collided head on.
7:50 am
now we are seeing more, the two trains there. >> my goodness. >> twelve people dead. >> all right. >> jet skiing is a popular winter water sport. winter? summer water sport. >> may depend what region. >> do you ever go over the bridge at somers point and you see 50, 60 people jet skiing back and forth real fast and they had some bad accidents in the last couple of weeks, especially on the fourth of july. >> now we will talk about water sport safety after two recent tragedies that happen. july 3rd in atlantic city, two children were rescued when their jet ski hit a navigation aid. coastguard officials were notified by a good samaritan about the crash and no one was hurt by that crash. >> then july the second a father and his eight year-old son were killed, after the jet ski they were riding on in somers point collided with a boat. the five five-year old driver of that boat suffered a wrist injury. >> so jen fred is in stone harbor talking about jet skis
7:51 am
and wave runner safety to help families avoid this. >> hi there, jen. >> so we have tom from island water sports in stone harbor, how are you. >> you like these things, you know there is a bit of common sense. it is easier then you might believe to stay safe on a jet ski or wave runner is that right. >> yes. >> talk to me about what they are doing right? what are they doing right, right now. >> they are keeping a distance from each other. biggest thing is keeping distance 200 feet away at all times and then common sense is you're awareness. you need to look before you turn and things like that. people get tunnel vision where they are having fun and see what is right in front of them and turn, don't realize, there is someone to the side of them and things like that. >> it is loud, we can hear them but you are going so loud you might not be able to hear someone besides you. >> you cannot hear anyone. they are all excited, they are out there having fun. look before you turn and things like that.
7:52 am
realizing, there are no breaks it is in the like a red light. >> you say put the kid behind you. someone smaller then you they go in the back. >> that is state law, children ride in the pack. >> why is that. >> just for different reasons, for safety, the kid could hit the front or grab the gas when you are not supposed to and things like that. >> another thing you can have fun doing exactly what they are doing right now, you don't have to have a jet ski war or go crazy, spraying each other. to you want them exactly how they are right there. >> you want them riding a distance apart from each other. >> this is where you rent your jet skis this is zone you have them in and you have them going from yellow bow you to red, you give them an idea where they are supposed to be to stay safe. >> it is all explained how to keep your distance and things like that to keep them safe. >> when you hear there has been recent horrible accidents are you surprised.
7:53 am
>> i am and i'm not sometimes. it is just the way people do not just take things serious you want them to listen when you give them instruction. >> yes. >> i know we're usually out here having fun but thinks important information. i necessity people want to get out there. >> great. >> high five, budd. glad they are staying safe. this is stone harbor. >> yep. >> flyers are here we are heading here next. i'm hoping people will listen. >> yes. >> it is the flyers, when they all take their shirt off and run down the beach. >> all of the new flyers, right good new flyers. >> i remember there from last year. >> women are lined up like a gauntlet. >> something you don't forget. >> could surgery increase your risk for addiction? wait a second, we go to the hospital, have surgery and then we are addict to these painkillers. i'll tell you what did you see chaka kahn is having problems with painkillers she checked into rehab. >> she's addict. >> we will talk about her case coming up. having a baby, well,
7:54 am
before you stock up on prenatal care and prenatal pills there is one study you should know about. >> might be a waste of time these vitamins.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
well, here the other day chaka kahn, one of my favorite singer, is suffering and dealing with painkillers. >> we love chaka kahn. so this is what happened just a couple days ago. she check herself into rehab. >> here's the thing, we saw this survey you can go to your doctor, your hospital, you have surgery, you come out of there and they give you pain medication and you end up being addicted to it. doctor mike? >> major problem. >> yes. >> major problem. the data suggest, this is such a big problem that almost 40 people a day are dying from narcotics that we, i, give to people. it has got to stop. this is yet another example of where people and they are
7:58 am
getting them from somebody, they are getting them from a health care professional somewhere, fentanyl, oxycodone, what happens is, people go, they have surgery, they get their knee surgery done, and they get treated for the pain which is appropriate but then a year later they are still on the pain medications, and that is why, we are taking a stand to change the way we do things. in my office if you have surgery i see you about a week after the surgery, and we talk about your pain control, and you have to sign a contract and make sure you do in the remain on that pain medication, forever. there is other ways to treat the pain whether it is acupuncture, mindful meditation, all of those things. this is very important. we are learning this with veterans coming home from war zones that they do not get on pain medications that are prescription, leading to addictions and deaths. >> give us some name, name of the medication.
7:59 am
>> oxycodone, percocet, hydrocodone, tylenol, it goes on and own. fentanyl is. >> and it is her sister, and chaka kahn. >> people start passing their medications around to each other. >> nightmare good lets talk about this other story then. a lot of people trying to get pregnant, they take prenatal pills. you take them. it should help them. >> vitamins. >> prenatal vitamins. >> we are learning it may not be so helpful. >> it is a study out of england. i disagree vehemently with it. they say there is in need to take prenatal vitamins which i think is hog wash. they said well, instead of the multi vitamin make sure you take your vitamin d and your folic acid because we know folic acid reduces risk of newerral tube defects but i cannot take people take one pill a day let alone two. if you are thinking of taking pregnant, you are pregnant or
8:00 am
after pregnancy take a prenatal vitamin. >> here's what i did, i started to take fish oil. >> did you really. >> little capsule. >> women over at vitamin store, shop offer whatever it is on 18th street. she said you should take it in. >> yes, who wants to drink oil. >> are you having any side effect. >> i seem fine. >> his breath smells funny. >> he is sweating better. >> yes. >> and, he is perform better. >> yes. >> good day, it is tuesday, july 12th, thanks doctor mike here we go. and famer center city hotel whom police have in custody right now. >> officers ambush,
8:01 am
conversation about race in america continues. how parents should be talking to their kid in the wake of it all. getting a list of your favorite stars, in just minutes without all of those injections. >> you know things started to change. >> what local doctors are now doing for women bringing a new smile to their faces. >> apparently men. olympic transformation, remember, gymnast nikkei lah marley, well, four years later a lot has change. why some fans are not impressed with her new look. it was plastic surgery, she still looks good. she just looks different. >> on a show about ten years ago they had plastic surgeon on this national show i was doing. they were injecting women's lips to make them plump up. so i said, how painful. he did it to me. unbelievable pain. >> we will talk about that.
8:02 am
>> okay. >> i don't like pain. >> stupid. >> i don't like needles. >> yesterday was a ten. today was almost a ten. it is a nine out of ten. just a smidge more humid. we have a nice breeze there especially further north, it is lovely, it is a pleasant start every where but temperatures in the 50's and the 60's. nothing but a few clouds to show you, there on the satellite radar picture. temperature in philadelphia, 72 degrees, relative humidity is there but it will go down, through the day, it won't be as uncomfortable as it is going to be by the end of the week. 88 degrees today, not too humid and tonight a little bit more mug which a low of 7o we will tell you how high those temperatures and how high heat index will go, wait until you see thursday's heat index bob kelly. >> triple digits. the triple digits. >> eight will 02. good morning on a tuesday, double accidents on i-95, on
8:03 am
one southbound down near route 320, another one is northbound coming in toward 476, so we have got you coming and going in delco. another accident down in wilmington i-95 south right here near 273, and sun glare is right around that dashboard level right now, 42 and 295, backed up all because of an accident north on 295, right here near wood crest station interchange and if you are watching us down the shore back towards the city early morning extent still tying us up here on the westbound atlantic city expressway right her near exit number 14, and a early morning dump truck accident in conshohocken right at old elm road, sun glare on the schuylkill as well as a 422, mike and alex, back over to you. we are keeping you updated with breaking news out of southern italy. at least 12 people dead and many more hurt after two trains collided head on, this is a live look now at the scene there where officials are there. this happened in the southern
8:04 am
region of puglia and we will update with you more information on this. earlier they were showing two trains that smashed right into each other. >> how does that end up going in opposite direction slamming into each other. >> there is a look at it right there in the left side of your screen. >> wow. >> back here at home one teenager is dead, and two others are in the hospital after a bad shooting this southwest philadelphia. >> police believe they were targeted while leaving a basketball court following a community league game last night. investigators say there was a fight after a game last week involving some of the boys and the shooting could be connect. >> yeah, last weeks fight. so if you see something, say something. that is a phrase we have used for years now, home land security investigates a suspicious, situation, at the bellevue hotel over on broad street. >> police say a couple was discovered on the rooftop which is a restricted area with peculiar items. >> steve, what are those items. >> reporter: man and woman from china in their 20's in town visiting. we found out why they didn't
8:05 am
want to go up on the observation deck in city hall because that is enclosed. they come here to the bellevue at hyatt a couple of blocks south and they wanted to use their smoke bombs, one of their items and questionable liquid, maybe cause particular or explosive chemical for special effects because they were filming for a blog believe it or not. commissioner ross just updated us. look at our video. we see police take them out in handcuffs. they had to call bomb squad, fire department, they didn't know what was going on. here's commissioner ross at 7:00 this morning. >> right now we don't know what to make of it. preliminarily it looks like this individual may be involved in some type of blog where he likes to get special effects. either way they didn't belong in this building. they were trespassing. we will see what the d.a. has to say about it. >> reporter: so, no access allowed on the roof even if you are a guest here and, of course, they have to worry about suicide and that is first thought when they saw people running around up
8:06 am
there. these people still at central detectives and it will be up to the d.a. to deciding whether trespassing or anything else could get lodged against them before they go back home. >> yeah, up to no good. 8:06. now reports of the threat made against the philadelphia police department, and our officers, this threat, mostly on social media. it targets three specific police districts, right now, police do not believe they are credible but you they are taking it seriously. police have identified the fire fighter who fell to his death from a helicopter, last night. >> forty-six year-old tim mcclean hand were taking part in the delaware coastal airport when this incident happened. he was a volunteer fire fighter with the fire department. a federal investigation is now underway. >> guys down there in lieu is, delaware, fell out of the helicopter. we will stay on that today for you. bernie sanders is expected to officially even tors hillary clinton today. >> they will appear together in new hampshire.
8:07 am
vermont senator is expected to mounts his plans to back hillary clinton at a high school in portmouth. it is in the same state sander defeated clinton in the first primary. sure to be significance in that. he is trying to get his support tours come and support her as well. >> exactly good he is from the neighboring state of vermont. >> yes good president barack obama will travel to dallas, texas today to deliver remarks at an inter faith memorial services for 59 police officers who were gunned down here at a protest last thursday night at the hand of an army veteran. he said that he was on a mission to kill white people, of course, police ended up killing him. the city protest was in response to the death of alton sterling, and philando castille who were also killed by police, during that same week, last wednesday and thursday. 8:07. today marks one month since pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. last night hundreds gathered
8:08 am
to pay tribute to the victims. memorial services not only honors victim but also first responder on the scene within minutes that night. forty-nine people died last month after a man opened fire inside of the pulse nightclub, during the shootings, he called 911 and told dispatchers he pledged allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for the terrorist organization. the community of glen mills, delaware county gathering late last night, well, early in the evening, around dusk, to remember this young girl six year-old who passed away from brain cancer, brielle barber, you know the name, just six years old. she has been remembered last night for her tough fight against her disease and a big crowd turned out. >> can also were lit at again it will valley as people gathered to remember brielle. her fight started a viral social media trend, the lemon shot challenge. she made an appearance on good day in september 2014. she started lemon shot challenge. you take lemon juice, and drink it, to raise money for
8:09 am
pediatric cancer research. everybody from the philadelphia eagles to we did it, took part in the challenge which consists of taking a shot of lemon juice and a lot of people on social media were doing it, taking pictures, videos and posting it. so last night they all took a lemon shot in her honor. >> she was so sweet. >> so sweet. 8:09. police involved shootings, protesting, and officers, ambush, the conversation about race in america tips full steam. how parents should be talking to their kids in the wake of all of this. live streaming that is new thing, pariscope, facebook live, what about something for kids, should kid be doing this? parents a new app may have your kids sharing with complete strangers. >> that is not good. >> what you need to know about this app lively. >> lets check with dan, he is keeping track of sales that are popping up, every ten
8:10 am
minutes. >> today is second annual prime shopping day, big one, and here's the deal you have to go to work you are thinking how willie not miss out on these great deals? well, i will tell you how you can watch it, without actually watching it while at work today and still get if deals coming up what are you talking about. >> here's the deal...
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
it is 8:14, we will check our shore cast today, popular vacation week in july with a high of 80 degrees. how delightful, southeasterly sea breeze at 10 miles an hour, surf temperature is 75 and getting better. rip current risk is low but you should still swim near a life guard and your uv index is nine, very high. don't forget that sun screen. 72 degrees already in philadelphia. seventy-three in wilmington. temperatures zoomed up to 07 in allentown. sixty-four in mount pocono. early start to the day. dew points are inching up in the 60's as well, what does that mean? we're probably going to inch in the muggy range, throughout
8:14 am
the day-to-day but not as uncomfortable as it will be by the time we get in the 90's on thursday and on friday and on saturday and on sunday. you know it is coming bob kelly. >> i know what is coming, another heat wave. >> cue up martha and vandeals record there good morning everybody. 8:14. live look at i-95 for the gang in delco. slow crawl. combination of the sun glare and earlier accident, we had one accident northbound at the blue route, one southbound near route 320, here's a crash right behind the 309, theaters sign, on the southbound side of welsh road, just south of of 309, and again jammed solid on i-95, to and from delaware county all because of those two earlier accidents. septa normal deal delays on the regional rails we have seen trains bypassing stations, because of the crowded conditions. the just another tuesday on the regional rails, mike and alex, back over to you. parents across this nation have been having conversation was their children about
8:15 am
violence in the countryes speak legs i in the last week. >> these conversations are different depending on which household you are in but everybody is having this conversation. we wanted to talk to a family here in philadelphia about the conversation they are having in their home especially with the recent events going on. joining us is nicole, mother of three. >> hi nicole. >> here in philadelphia. >> we have two sons here, today. one is 19, lemar. one is 17, larry. >> hi, larry. >> i raised two daughters. >> yes. >> white daughters. so i want to necessity take me inside an african-american household and tell me what your conversation is with your three sons? when does it start. >> well, it actually started when i noticed a lot of young black males were being pulled over for just any type of reason, just because they were driving and they looked suspicious, and, you know, i have then seen that they are being pulled out of the cars, being harassed, sometimes they
8:16 am
didn't have identification, they are demanding identification. i saw that for myself. i said i don't want that to happen to my sons. so i began to tell me sons if you ever at any case get pulled over in a car with your friend, if you are alone walking anything, you mean just always shift. >> comply. >> comply and listen to what the police officer tells to you do. >> what age was this when you started to talk to them about this. >> my son larry is now 17. i had this conversation with him when he was 13. my son lemar is 19. very early? especially when they; is that right to drive 15, 16 years old. >> we were talking about having conversations overall what to do when a police officer is there and how to respect a police officer. other families, i know this has come up, people sent me messages because i said on friday we were talking about things that were going on about how people were having new kind of conversations. >> yes. >> you were saying this is when they were younger but now time to have the conversation
8:17 am
again. >> most definitely. >> i work with young males, i work for philadelphia anti drug anti violence network and this is something that we have to tell our young people that are constantly in trouble for whatever reason they are in trouble for. this is something that you have to not just my household but all households should this have conversation. >> lemar do you go oh, mom, come on i'm fine. >> i listen to her because it is happening a lot, so looking at me being a young plaque male and having friends who do drive and me being in the car, it the is important that she did explain this. it does happen. >> larry, when you see news and things going on what goes through your mind. >> it can be a little scary, especially me, you know, coming home at night from basketball practice, you know, i have to walk home, i have to worry about, now i have to
8:18 am
worry about police officers, you know they pulled me over, or pulled over and say something to me i have to be on point. >> have you been pulled over. >> i have not. >> have you, lemar. >> well, i did when my friends have been pulled over but we have been okay. >> because you have had the conversation with your moth ber how to do it. >> steve harvey and this got people talking, he tweeted out this pamphlet. what to do when stopped by the police. it goes off when the police incomes on your door, if you are stop in the car, in your street and it has bullet points of what you should be doing. there are specific points of what you should be doing when coming across police. do you you think we he should get this specific, different scenarios and situations. >> i believe that is something, i believe i commend steve harvey for doing that because that is important. they should share that, let everyone know, that the things that he has pointed out that it is important that they need to know these things. they should have a conversation about this and
8:19 am
the police department as well, that these are things that families are taking action and they are standing up. >> what do you say to some people that say it should be common sense and just do what the officer says and why do we have to these extra conversations. >> common sense to some of us is not common sense to others. so you have to have that conversation because everybody who don't take and receive things the way other people do. >> i agree. >> it is important. you have to have a class and meet and police officers should have a meeting every day. if they are having a bad day it should be brought to their attention as well that they should not attack young males whatever color line they should not attack them because they are walking down the street and they look suspicious. that is not always the case. they might be having a bad day too. everybody is entitled to a bad day. >> you are a good mom. >> thank you. >> thank you for sharing with us the conversations you have with your sons. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> what is this amazon prime
8:20 am
day. >> yes. >> amazon prime day. >> yes. >> big sales popping up every ten minutes or so. dan has found another good deal. we will tell but that after the break. pokemon go in philly, do you know where to go? the places that attract players right here in our city. there is some places all over town that are hot spots for pokemon. >> is that right. >> go.
8:21 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty.
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and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
8:23 am
can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] all right. young lady, explain this pokemon go thing. i see people running all over town. >> you have to catch them all. so it is an app in real time in virtual reality kind of thing. >> yeah. >> where pokemon you identify where they are and your vicinity and you have to go catch them. >> little figures. >> yes. >> little pokemon figures. >> yes. >> and they are in philadelphia. >> they are in philadelphia. they are every where. where ever you are, they are. you have to find them and catch them. >> are you doing this?
8:24 am
there are plenty of places in philly where you stock up on something called poke balls. >> pokey balls. >> yes. >> yes. >> pokemon they come out of the pokey ball. >> so little characters. >> red and white ball. >> maybe we will have footage and i'll figure this out. >> we don't have footage of the game, only the spots. >> but would you call that a pokey stop, is there a pokey figure over by city hall, right. >> yes. >> society i hall is a big one, and don't forget about the plaque commemorating the founding of mothers day. >> you know, mothers day was founded by a woman here in philadelphia. >> yes. >> yes. >> wow. >> maybe that is why pokemon love it, historical spot. >> another one i saw was washington square close to where i live, fountain in the middle of washington square there was a pokey figure over
8:25 am
there. >> were you on pokeman go yesterday. >> pokemon go. >> there is a lot of them in parks which makes sense. >> water, trees. >> do you know another one i heard. >> eraser hid mural, many pokey stops are at murals. we have close to 3,000 of them you can collect potions, pecky balls and other items there. >> but you do have to go to that location. >> yes. >> here's video of the pokemon go, people walking around, lou around and oh, is there pokey man. >> there, do you see good yes. >> but, people have been asking do you have pokemon go? she said alex, you should play. cool stops to give you information about sculptures and historic buildings and great info as you work in olde city. that is cool. you can get access, running around and catch them. >> make it a learning experience instead of the monumental waste of time. >> i'm in the on pokemon go but tara is, and she said it,
8:26 am
it is pretty cool. >> maybe we should do it. do you want to give it a through. >> i think it is stupid. >> because you are in the doing it. >> if i were doing it, it would be brilliant. >> yes, sure. i still want to go take a picture with the donkeys, 57 donkeys around philadelphia area. >> jen freddie's doing tomorrow. >> you think jen will do it. >> yes. >> lets get to the list. >> some people doing it. >> put out this challenge yesterday. >> that is right. >> there is one guy who has done it already. >> he has 50 pictures with donkeys. >> he just said he dit. i'm about to respond and saying we need pictures, we need evidence. >> alex. >> you are not very jealous of your lips. >> you have the best lips in the city. >> do i. >> in local television you make fun of my lips. >> what? >> stop it. >> saute shrimp. >> we are doing a close-up of
8:27 am
my lips, really. >> do you like beautiful full lips without injections? i say, yes. what local doctors are now doing for women and men, bringing in a new smile to their face, their full lips without injectables.
8:28 am
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(male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win the mustang instant game, with top prizes of a hundred grand or a new ford mustang? (woman) oh my goodness. woo! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'.
8:30 am
live streaming for kid. >> um-hmm. >> parents a new app may have your kid sharing too much with complete strangers. >> what you need to know about this app lively. >> is that what it is called lively. >> yes. >> attention grabbing titles, lisa scottleni, we love her, she's back with other book i've got sand in all of the wrong places. ouch. lisa and her daughter, join us
8:31 am
live to confess some secrets about their lives. >> let's check back with dan because dan has been finding great deals for us this morning. >> how about this one guys, back to school, college next month, right. >> right. >> on, big sales happening on black tuesday,, a little refrigerator 2.7 cubic feet on the refrigerator, 79 bucks. >> that is good. >> you cannot beat that for holding 26 packs. >> we should get one of those little ones and put it, between our desks. >> that would be nice. >> get a beverage every now and then. >> pack your lunch and stuff. >> i just bring lunch over. >> that within nice. >> ladies and gentlemen, sue serio. >> it would look like your fridge at home with mustard and a stick of butter, and olive. >> and bottle of the water. >> we're off to a pleasant start with temperatures in the six owes and 07's. the bus stop buddy is at camp
8:32 am
and we will see bob kill any cam in a little bit here on good day philadelphia we have just a few clouds on radar. you can see them here in olde city. it is up to 72 degrees. we have a nine out of ten. yesterday was ten worthy, wasn't it. today will be more humid but not, too humid, maybe just right, like goldie locks day. 88 degrees today and wind out of the south. we will talk about the heat and next heat wave on the way, by the end on the week, guys. >> sue serio, lets talk about actresses, who has the best lips. i will go with your jessica alba. >> okay good angelina jolie. >> gabriel union has good ones. >> lisa rena, hers are too big, aren't they. >> are they. >> you are terrible with this. >> yes. >> what? >> your impressions of peoples lips. >> i just can't. >> i did a interview with jessica will alba, and she said help she was a kid, i asked her about her beautiful lips because i want to do something like that sometimes.
8:33 am
she said when she was a kid she would take a vacuum cleaner and put it on her mouth and it plumped up her lips. there is all sorts of ways to get full lips and it normally involves a syringe and you have to inject your face. >> there are ways that are less painful and cheaper apparently. >> yes. >> fill us in. >> fill us in. >> american society of plastic surgeons say record number of people, alex are filling up, doctor's office for lip enhancement procedures. lip filler injections and implants are now among the fastest growing facial procedures in the country. so, we probably have the kardashians to thank for the new trend but people don't want that sort of over the top look anymore. >> that is right. >> subtle is now the new safe. >> i think the kardashian wave has change things a bit. you look at her. you know she has had something done. you know there has been injections there selfies with face time, with the way people are always taking pictures and seeing pictures of themselves.
8:34 am
people have become more aware of the subtle change that he is we might not have noticed years ago. >> so, for women whether or not star struck by celebrity lists, doctor howard crane and ryan... i know. they say it is more about tweaking and fixing your flaws. one popular fix is making that space, right there between the nose and the lip a little bit smaller. natural is what most women over 20 are trying to present when they lose volume, develop lines and wrinkles or they start to see uneven lips get even worse. >> we do a lip lift procedure to that. we do all of the fillers which replace volume. the thing about the fillers is they are temporary. >> yes it is nice and soft. it feels a little bit full when you are touched the lip but it feels like a natural lip. >> we know most plastic surgeons discourage patient from his trying to look like celebrities. alex and mike.
8:35 am
>> yes. >> what are you talking about, i can hear you. >> i'm sorry. >> we're talking about your lips. you have beautiful lips too. >> we're still discussing this story. >> i know you were asking alex what is that space called where they lift up the lip a little bit. >> the cupid's bow. >> the filltrum. >> okay. >> guess had, guys, every 19 minutes people are getting implant procedures. you go from the beginning of the show at 4:00 to when good day end at ten, it is about 15 women that are walking around with better lips. >> which is all relative, people like small lips. >> why are you looking at me like that. >> because he will say something. he always says something about your lips good i am not going to. >> you are a beautiful woman. >> love what you got. >> i know. >> my top lip is, there is that. >> you have a nice fullt
8:36 am
therum. you have a little one too. >> the space between your nose and your top lip is longer then that means you don't have much lip. >> that is right. >> i like like to quacamole in there and eat chips. >> well, first comes wedding, then comes the controversy, a new video, shows sierra, her son, and russell wilson the third, sharing a cute moment, but it is what her son said to russell that has people fired up.
8:37 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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let's go to hollywood. >> dax is there. everyone is talking about russell wilson and sierra. now they got married recently. >> yes, she has a child.
8:40 am
>> yes, baby future. russell wilson is getting pretty close with baby future. >> why wouldn't he, right? >> this is the debate, right, dax. tell them about this video that happened. we will show video first. >> show the video. >> unaudible. >> they need a better place to do his make up. >> dax, that is baby future. if i heard it right, he called russell poppa russell and they gave him a kiss. >> yes, did he and asked for a kiss. that is what got internet talking about this video because there has been so much drama between sierra and future, the rapper future, the father on have this child and
8:41 am
custody war and lawsuits back and forth and all this stuff. future has been very public about he doesn't like that sierra a is keeping the baby from him and that the baby is spending more time with russell wilson. well, this may even rage him even more, to see this video but i got to think this is a good thing. you have the the stepfather, is actively involved in the kid life, clearly baby future loves russell. i feel like russell wilson is a pretty good role model to have in the child's life. either way we did put a pole up there saying that this cross the line? 70 percent of people said absolutely not, totally good, this is good for the baby. >> i think people were upset, they're feeding in the drama between future and sierra and how he said you will let me see my child. what was it, a year ago when he was wearing russell wilson's jersey baby future was and people got upset about that. >> i think people are
8:42 am
probably, i think they are more involved then is necessary but i think a lot of people are just sitting there wait forgo a response from future. >> what would you prefer, step poppa russell, that is too long. >> stay away from my kid. keep your hand off my kids. >> yes, my child. >> future doeswant to be replaced. >> no, he will not be replaced. he is still the father. just a matter of a good situation that both parents love your kid as your kid are living in that house. come on. >> some jealousy going on there a little bit. >> that is sierra. >> she's married now. >> yes. >> i don't know how happy they are. >> after that wedding night we saw tmz pictures after that. >> dax. >> post wedding photos were awesome. >> yes, they were, the morning after, thanks. >> the morning after, what is
8:43 am
that song, sue. >> that was maureen mcgovern. >> yes, thank you. >> all right, jen what is up. >> the flyers. >> the flyers. >> i'm with the flyers. i want to you look at this guy right here, what is special about him, more special then any other prospect, look at him, not his height although he is tall what is going on specifically for guy today we will talk bit after the break. you know and i mow, but we're in the saying. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
8:46 am
we are bringing you breaking news out of southern italy. death toll is up to 20 after two trains collided, head on this morning. this is another live look at the scene there. many more people are injured this happened in the southern region have of puglia we will update you as more information becomes available. we have been reporting two people but we have learn 20 people have died, many more injured, in this train collision in italy. 8:46. >> looking at our weather headlines this morning, things you need to know as you plan out your week, gorgeous this morning, sky top lodge in the pocono mountains, bat. ed in sunshine and we are here in philadelphia too. it is not too humid but
8:47 am
stickies will return tomorrow and heat wave number three, of 2016, it is on the way, it probably starts on thursday, there is a chance it could start on wednesday if we reach 90 degrees tomorrow but tomorrow will feel different then today. it continues to be hot on friday, saturday and on sunday and men to monday of next week. so, alex, within more day for to you get outside and be fairly comfortable. >> i'm going out today. >> sue. last day of flyers prospect camp they helped to taken harbor for a final test. if you do a final test you need to do it with jen fred. >> these are all of the guys, prospects and it should be an easy day but they say it is one of the hardest days of the entire rookie prospect camp is that right. >> it is a lot of work, a lot of fun, you know, lot of playing in the surf, but the good lord dishes up a great beautiful day but it is some work. they will sweat.
8:48 am
they are used to it. they just got down six days of developmental camp. they sweat a lot. what better place... >> what are they doing. >> what? >> you are doing the dab. >> no. >> do you want them to feel this good. >> i want them to feel great. >> i want them to feel great. whole day is about, the whole day today is about honoring one good friend of ours that we lost, al caru.s. o, the former commander and really good friend of mine and our dear friend and owner mr. ed snide her believed in giving back to the community. that is what today is all about giving back to the community. that is what the boys will do, to do today. >> send them out on the beach. you send them out in the sand. you have been here a couple of times, right. >> yes. >> my fourth season. >> yes. >> i love him.
8:49 am
he is hilarious. what do you think about him with the muscles. >> he is pretty big. >> you are not afraid of him. >> no, i'm not. >> what is the hardest part once you get outside on the sand. >> we do so much stuff but i think running on the sand is pretty hard with a teammate on your back. >> so it is different this year he has some stuff up his sleeve, right. >> yes. >> gentlemen, i teased everyone present we went live and said is there something special about this guy. one, two, three tell me it is special, sing him a song. >> ♪ happy birthday >> it is not just his birthday but his 21st birthday. in canada ace loud to drink at 19. it does he get a beer today. >> absolutely not good hold on, come here. jimmy says you cannot have a beer, will you sneak him a beer. >> no, no, no.
8:50 am
>> all right. we will see you guys, out on the beach. we will stick around, okay. >> that is perfect. >> it will be fun. >> thank you for your help, okay, happy birthday, see you in a bit. the guys, how adorable. >> they are all great. >> they are all having fun. >> ladies showed up to watch this? do you see any ladies. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> they're there. >> they are waiting. >> oh, yeah. >> hey jen, real quickly here, we have a plan for you tomorrow, jen, can you still hear me. >> no. >> she's going to try to do, there is 57 of these donkeys around town, most of them, a lot of them are in hotels. she will try to take a picture with all 57 of them from 6:00 in the morning until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning is that possible. >> all over this town, the dnc, we will see what happens. we have put out this challenge to you guys too if you want to take pictures, we will see jen if you can do it tomorrow at
8:51 am
6:00 a.m., meet her out at these places. >> yes, we will put up a map on our web site where these donkeys are. they are keep of cute. >> are they cute. >> she is always about to say something. now she's saying something. >> e can't hear her. >> enough of that. >> are you looking for love? if you want to find a perfect mate, embrace your deal breakers. why it is important to be picky. >> some people say that is you why are single you are too picky. >> too picky. >> loosen up a bit. >> do you have deal breakers. >> i think everybody has deal breakers. >> give me one of yours. >> i don't know. >> dirty fingernails you can fix that. >> no, that is a deal breaker dan, did you find another deal. >> i have got deals and deal breaker. here's what you have to do if you go to the work go to the amazon prime site and check out upcoming deals so you'll know exactly is what coming up during workday and you don't
8:52 am
miss anything. how about that lens for your iphone so you take better pictures. the guess what it was $24.99. the right now it 14 is .99 dollars check it out before it goes backup. >> thanks, dan.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
it is being called black tuesday, shopping deals, every ten minutes. >> dan's been finding us deal because they are every where. dan what did you find out. >> all retailers want to get in the act. this was started by amazon but today gap for example up to 75 . >> yeah. >> it is a huge deal in time for back to school stuff for next month. listen to in microscope to keep your kid busy, microscope kit over summer how about 31 bucks, amazon today right now, it has gone on sale. >> speaking of kids, live
8:56 am
streaming for your children, parents a new app may have your kid sharing way too much of their personal life with total strangers. >> what you need to know about lively. >> and remember mikayla man roaney, well, remember that face, well, this face has change. why some are not impressed with the new look. >> impressed.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
you know, paul mccartney is in philadelphia and probably right now in a hotel room. he is playing tonight at citizens bank park. hello lauren. >> hello. >> hello. >> how is everyone. >> doing quite lovely. >> it is tuesday, july the 12th, 2016, are you going to the concert tonight? it will be a beautiful evening. >> dan is nodding, dan is going too.
9:00 am
>> he had like nine, bob invited you. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> you didn't -- >> got lost in the e-mail. >> thanks, dan. >> i'm not a big fan. >> what is the deal breaker for you, i'm talking about if you tait somebody and they pull out a cigarette. wow, i didn't know you smoked. i'm dumping you. you drink too much. bite your nails. dirty males. and find a perfect mate embrace these deal breakers. don't toss somebody to the side. no, why it is important to, you know, to be picky but not too picky. hey, by the way, today iihop celebrates 58th birthday and sit free pancakes, what is going on, chris. >> it is next to free. 58 cents for a short stack are you kidding me what kind of deal is that. it is awesome. all you have to do is get in here and choose what kind of syrup you want. we will have fun coming up in a little will


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